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Weiter zum Wasser

Paula Saraste ~ 2021


Weiter zum Wasser / Down to the Water (2021) tells the story of a small family escaping their home at night. They embark on a journey towards an unknown destination and go missing. The father drives his family to an increasingly despaired state and finally he ends up in confusion and loneliness. It is a story about the end of a family. The daughter and mother gradually liberate themselves from the oppressive father, who is failing and not being able to overcome his fear.


The film reflects the unknown as both something not chosen or happened in the past as well as a possible state of things being and becoming. The unknown yet having an impact on the ones to whom it is not known. The film approaches the inexplicable without  retracing, as a fragment of multiple possible narratives.


one-channel-installation for exhibition space or screening color,

stereo, 4K, 2:1

18’12 minutes


Cast: Christian Harting

Constanze Priester

Luzie Ahrens

Cinematography & Color grading Michael Clemens

1st assistant director Daniel Redel

Production coordinator and 2nd assistant director Dren Zherka

Assistant camera Aline Reinsbach

Sound recording Bernd Latzel

Screenplay Paula Saraste, Daniel Redel

Production Juhani Koivumäki, Daniel Redel, Paula Saraste

Lighting Michael Clemens, Aline Reinsbach, Matthias Ihrke

Make-up artist Karina Evdokimova

Set design Thanh Nguyen

Sound design Timo Puukko

Music Jonas Meyer, Timo Puukko

Montage Paula Saraste, Timo Puukko

Production drivers Matthias Ihrke, Frank Böhmke

Radio voices Anton Hempel, Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat

Conceived by Paula Saraste


The film is made possible by generous support from

Avek / Mediarata - media art development support

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art

Ballhaus Rixdorf Studios

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